Mbira Thumb Piano

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Mbira Thumb Piano
Mbira Thumb Piano

<b>Tuning</b><br /> To get exquisite tone, an accurate tone is necessary. We need the tuner to help us finish the tuning.<br /> You can use a real tuner or download an App.<br /> Android system app: gStrings, Apple system app: Instuner.<br /><br /> Note: sometimes the tuner is not sensitive to high pitch, so when we play one tone,<br /> it will cause resonance to other keys, and will disturb the tuner. <br />In that case, we need to press the keys around and play the key which are under tuning.<br /><br /> <b>Caring</b><br /> When not playing kalimba, putt it into the bag and box.<br /> Please keep your kalimba into the 30-60 relative humidity environment, because if gets damp it will affect the key's resonance function.<br /><br /> <b>Fixing a buzz</b><br /> If one or two keys has the buzz sound, it will influence our whole playing. But do not worry, it's normal issue for all Kalimbas. <br /> First, you can move the key to right or left, issue will be solved. If still not work, then insert a paper card between keys and bridge to solve this problem.<br /><br /> <b>Description:</B> <br />The number of keys:10 keys...</BR></BR></b>

This modern take on an old African instrument is great for beginners and kids to learn music with an African sound!

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